Scalable Asset Maintenance Management Software

Agility is both a CMMS and EAM software solution that gives you total control of your assets, processes and workforce. Helping you extend asset life span, meet with compliance and audit standards, cut Excel and paper admin, and save costs.

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Agility: Connecting assets, workflow and people

Advance your maintenance operations with Agility, an intelligent CMMS and EAM solution. In a constantly changing digital world, businesses need total transparency of their operations and how they can improve them to keep up with demand. Agility centralises all your data into one place, so you always know what is happening, no matter the location.

Flexible and scalable, Agility has delivered real outcomes for organisations of all sizes, across all industries. Manage asset life cycles, schedule preventative and predictive maintenance, utilise resources and make data-driven business decisions with Agility.


Preventive and Predictive Maintenance

Implement an effective scheduled maintenance strategy to avoid costly, unplanned downtime. Easily plan preventive maintenance servicing for assets and ensure critical spares and staff are available. Integrate IoT sensors for condition-based monitoring and automatically trigger work orders as asset conditions change. Use this insight for proactive, predictive maintenance and improve output, extending asset life cycles while dramatically reducing downtime.

Scheduling and Planning

Access Agility’s scheduling board for a centralised calendar view of scheduled and unscheduled maintenance task progress. Save time and resource by automatically deploying jobs to staff based on skill set and availability. Set out compliance checks and risk assessments with each job to ensure your team meets best practices and standards and completes the job safely every time.

Resource Management

Keep track of your internal workforce availability and scheduled jobs, as well as contractor’s jobs and when they will be onsite, to ensure everyone works efficiently. In Agility, you can access an employee record with details about their experience and certifications. Receive alerts before certificates expire and proactively schedule training so you are never short of a qualified engineer to do the job right the first time.

Work Order Requests

Capture all maintenance requests on the go with Agility’s easy-to-use helpdesk accessed on desktop, or via the dedicated AgilityMobile app. Streamline reactive work with Triage Helpdesk and include job information, imagery, compliance checklists and priority labelling so it’s effectively deployed to the right team member. With AgilityMobile, your maintenance team can efficiently manage time and reduce admin costs by easily self-allocating tasks as they come through.

Reporting and Dashboards

Access a suite of reports and dashboards to track scheduled maintenance, work order progress, maintenance costs and more. Tailor each live dashboard with relevant data and graphs, and export audit-ready reports the moment an unannounced inspector arrives on site. Track KPIs and pinpoint ways to enhance profitability and efficiency with data-driven decisions.

Asset Register

Optimise your assets and monitor their availability across multiple sites including recording crucial asset information like serial numbers and associated critical spares. Agility enables you to drill down into asset lifecycle history such as meter readings and maintenance costs, and with added visibility of historical job requests, you’ll have an audit trail in place for every asset.

Inventory and Purchasing

Efficiently manage all inventory including critical spares to ensure you always have optimal stock for all maintenance. See shared stock availability across sites, run replenishment reports and automatically generate purchase orders when stock gets low, and approve it at user level to control expenditure. With complete visibility, you will cut the cost of overstocking and avoid the risk of downtime due to missing critical spares.

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Explore our Complete Maintenance Solution

Access Agility wherever you are with our dedicated mobile app, AgilityMobile. As a flexible CMMS and EAM platform, you can seamlessly integrate any business system to track, share and act on data in one place. Now is the time to maximise your operations with Agility’s complete solution.

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