Drive action from data with a fully connected CMMS and EAM

Harness the power of your data from any integrated business system to make smarter, more cost-effective business outcomes.

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Integrates with any business system

Drive intelligent action with a CMMS and EAM solution that can integrate with any business system. Agility creates a seamless data flow between all existing systems to ensure workflow is smoother and more effective than ever. Cut out duplicate data entries, connect all your data and make insightful decisions backed by real, accessible data.

Enable digital transformation, put your big data to work and see positive change across your operations with Agility. Integrate core business systems from enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to IoT sensors, to automate workflows and save time across departments.


Increase asset uptime with condition-based monitoring

Collect real-time data from IoT sensors such as Balluff and Invisible Systems and schedule predictive maintenance checks when asset conditions change. Whether it’s vibration, temperature or pressure rises, Agility will get you on top of repairs before it worsens. Increase uptime and asset value and save on costly maintenance repairs with an IoT-powered CMMS and EAM.

Automate work orders as asset conditions change

Set up rules to automate work orders as asset conditions change, so you can optimise asset performance and maintain output. Each work request will automatically be assigned and scheduled based on an engineer’s skill set, availability and experience level. Streamline workflows, reduce paper admin and always have the right person to manage critical repairs.

Effectively manage inventory levels and control costs

Connect Agility with ERP systems such as SAP, Oracle and Sage to monitor expenses and inventory levels without duplicating data entries across systems. Easily track spare part quantity levels and automate purchase orders for approval as stock quantity passes its threshold. Reduce inventory costs and stay within budget with full visibility of current expenditures.

Share, connect and act on data together

Access a centralised system of connected data from IoT devices, ERP and reporting systems like PowerBi in Agility’s reports and dashboard. Measure maintenance KPIs, monitor costs and track asset life cycles without switching between systems. Find ways to improve performance within the boundaries of your budget and with full visibility of every area of your operations.

Stay compliant with standardised workflows

Integrate standards like SFG20 to ensure your workforce delivers compliant scheduled maintenance every time. As you create work orders, set compliance checklists so your workforce knows what’s required to complete a job safely and effectively. Agility will help you reach industry standards and ensure best practices across your workforce.

Explore our Complete Maintenance Solution

Agility is a CMMS and EAM software that paves the way for brighter, smoother and more effective operations. Learn more about Agility and how it creates a connected workplace for you below.

How other clients use Agility

Wienerberger have achieved control over assets, targeted maintenance, better control of the maintenance team and their time, and more effective reporting, all with Agility CMMS…

Edinburgh Trams have had a boom of data in recent years, and meet their goal of controlling daily operations through centralised software, and more with Agility.

Bespoke cosmetic manufacturer, Herrco Cosmetics, have improved their asset maintenance management strategy and can efficiently monitor asset lifecycles with Agility CMMS

Leading poly-pipe system manufacturer Acu-Tech have gained better visibility into their maintenance and labour utilisation since introducing Agility...

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