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AgilityConnect CMMS / CAFM solution:

The bridge that links AgiltyCore CMMS / CAFM
to other software.

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Why consider the AgilityConnect CMMS / CAFM data bridge?

AgilityConnect is a bridge that allows the simplest integration of AgilityCore into your existing business systems. This enables AgilityCore to seamlessly become an integral part of your automated workflow processes to share data with the rest of the world.

AgilityConnect translates the information requests between AgilityCore and your existing systems across a single data bridge, so we no longer have the need for bespoke or single-use interface development to allow individual systems to speak with each other. AgilityConnect creates a seamless bi-directional data flow which can grow to incorporate future integrations as required.

Data lies at the heart of Industry 4.0. AgilityConnect allows you to harness the power of your data from a variety of sources to drive further intelligent action and deliver quantifiable business outcomes.

With AgilityConnect, companies can connect to AgilityCore to analyse real data - fast, meaning workflow management runs more smoothly and effectively than ever, exchanging high-quality, consistent data without limitations.

AgilityConnect gives our clients high-speed integration coupled with a consistently accurate data flow across existing business systems.

Jon Moody, Chief Executive Officer (EMEA & Tech)

The bridge that seamlessly integrates AgilityCore with your existing business systems.

You can't improve something that you don't at first measure. We call this Discover, Deliver, Delight.

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Where should we start?

The AgilityConnect enhancement is helping organisations make AgilityCore a central part of their overall business system.

To find out about how AgilityConnect can help with your AgilityCore integration, contact us today.

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