AgilityCore CMMS / IMWS / CAFM solution:


Your core workflow and
asset management system.

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Why consider the AgilityCore CMMS / IWMS /CAFM?

AgilityCore is our industry-leading workflow and asset management system, designed to provide game-changing data insight for your organisation. AgilityCore has the power to manage people as well as machines, it listens to assets and directs your workflow.

AgilityCore is specialised by industry and can be further developed with AgilityAuto, AgilityMobile and AgilityConnect to provide specific user enhancements based on your needs. Realise the true power of Industry 4.0 with AgilityCore - the next generation of workflow and asset management. Today, it is helping organisations in healthcare, manufacturing, transport, distribution, facilities management and other industries work smarter to measure, control and improve their performance.

We want to take you with us on a journey, designed to help you streamline your workflows, improve reliability and give you a new level of insights into your operation. With AgilityCore you are empowered to make better decisions to maximise the potential of your organisation.

“AgilityCore is the foundation for change, it has the capability to transform your business for the better, empower your people to be the best and support real success in your organisation.”

Graham Bartlett, Chief Commercial Officer



Our industry-leading workflow and asset management system, specialised by industry and further complemented by four key software enhancements, is designed to provide specific user functionality based on your needs.

You can’t improve something that you don’t at first measure. We call this Discover, Deliver, Delight.

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With our help, companies are working smarter than ever with AgilityCore to drive the future vision and performance of their organisation.

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