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Agility CMMS / EAM Solutions

SSG Insight Announces Launch of Innovative Business Intelligence Tool Alongside Current Agility CMMS Solution.

Dedicated Business Intelligence offering is set to disrupt the market.

SSG Insight responds to demand for organisational access to deeper analytical intelligence.

SSG Insight has announced the launch of a disruptive new business intelligence tool capable of translating operational data into clear strategic insight for business decision makers. In doing so it provides access to enterprise quality data analytics to businesses of all sizes.

AgilityBI is a business intelligence tool that facilitates the ability to analyse business trends over time, tracking long-term KPIs to help businesses achieve optimum performance and profitability across all areas of operation. The data suite includes the ability to build, configure and share customisable reports relating to the business’s assets, resources, people, and processes, in addition to providing a menu of instant access analytics to support confident decision making. The sophisticated software can also connect top-tier trends with access to detailed source data for precise clarifications and ensure accuracy with steps taken to make business improvements.

As a result of faster and smarter decision making, businesses can reduce downtime and increase reliability. The solution can also be used to extend the life of assets and achieve more predictability, improve efficiency of operations, lower cost and achieve optimal output.

The launch of the business intelligence tool sits alongside the release of Agility 9 – the latest evolution of the CMMS / EAM provider’s popular asset management solution. Agility 9 takes significant strides forward in improving the overall user experience, with an innovative interface and smart widget-based dashboard to provide an at-a-glance view over daily KPI tracking.

SSG Insight Announces Launch of Innovative Business Intelligence Tool Alongside Agility 9

Agility 9 provides visibility to quickly and accurately identify and resolve issues and schedule maintenance. It can also be utilised to track work orders, assign tasks and reduce cost overrun amongst a host of intuitive management functions. The product is under roll out to customers and has been developed with support from a panel of customers representing companies of all sizes to ensure easy access to the most requested and important reporting features.

Both products have been brought to market following the rebrand of The SoftSols Group to SSG Insight, as the software provider cements its commitment to delivering world-class insights to help businesses better compete globally.

“We are incredibly proud to have launched two innovative products to market since our recent rebrand, with an enhanced mobile-first offering for our Agility 9 solution set to go live this summer. Our intention is to deliver future-proof solutions that are user-friendly and help customers manage their assets, processes and people through better decision making and achieve better business outcomes as a result.

“Most businesses are data heavy, and our intuitive self-service analytics system helps to provide data democratisation to ensure large volumes of current and historic operational data can be accessed in a meaningful way. This unlocks the decision-making power in intelligent insight that may otherwise have lain dormant. Businesses gain a deeper understanding of their operations and are able to quickly and easily spot trends, identify what is working and what needs improvement. Increasingly this insight can be used to forecast and plan for the future.”

- Jon Moody, Group Chief Product Officer at SSG Insight

Author: Mike Edwards

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