What is EAM Maintenance Software?

SSG Insight
  • Published date: 21 August 2020

EAM software provides a way to view company-owned assets and to proactively optimise operations for quality and efficiency.

An organisation’s assets, whether they consist of machinery, equipment, technology, processes or people, can be effectively recorded, coordinated and managed to improve business performance and increase productivity. SSG Insight’s customer data analysis confirms that Agility EAM software enables businesses to achieve the below.

What are the benefits of EAM Maintenance Software?

Agility is a complete EAM software solution with proven capabilities across the globe. It’s a powerful platform that captures and stores key information which can then be interrogated, reported and audited. It enables you to build a multi-tiered asset register so you can understand relationships and dependencies at a glance. Agility provides a single reference point for asset information and documentation such as service requests, warranties, technical drawings and website links.

Key information, such as meter readings, can be captured enabling you to monitor and measure your asset health. Feedback comments from engineers along with photographs of assets can also be gathered so that future work can be planned more efficiently. Agility manages scheduled maintenance work alongside reactive work and helps optimise the use of resources needed to complete it.

Who uses EAM Software?

Enterprise Asset Management Software is used in a range of industries – from manufacturing, distribution and logistics to healthcare, education, public services and transport. You only need to own one piece of equipment or asset, such as a building, to get started with EAM software.

The latest version of Agility comes with a set of dynamic views (widgets) so you can quickly respond to change and make better-informed decisions on the spot, saving time and valuable resources.

60 – Reduce administration by 60%

19 – Reduce stock held by 19%

32 – Reduce asset and machinery breakdowns by up to 32%

53 – Improve response times by 53%

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