European Energy Case Study

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Growing renewable energy provider, European Energy, searched for a new CMMS solution to reduce asset downtime, improve communication, and make operations more transparent.


European Energy develop, build, and manage onshore solar farms, and offshore and onshore wind farms, and develop Power-to-X (PtX) solutions. They also provide renewable power purchase agreements (PPA) to large industrial customers who are seeking to contribute to a green future. Headquarters are in Søborg, Denmark, and whilst they are heavily present in the European market, they have recently expanded into America, creating a subsidiary EE North America.


The Need:

European Energy previously had a system in place to manage their assets and their clients’ assets, however there were several objectives that weren’t being met. After discussing their current pain points, there were various outcomes they needed from a new CMMS, including making operations transparent, measurable, and comparable, setting benchmarks across their sites by tracking maintenance costs, reducing asset downtime and improving communication.

In 2022, European Energy engaged with independent IT Management Consultant Thomas Kieldsen, to set out an RFP process to find the right CMMS for their requirements. After carrying out thorough market research, European Energy selected 5 companies including SSG Insight to review. Following a stringent selection process including vendor scoring for which Agility scored the highest, and several discussions, it was evident that SSG Insight had a good understanding of the business need and the scope of the project, and the Agility solution was selected.


The Solution:

“We quickly recognised that Agility CMMS is a scalable solution which would give us complete visibility of our assets and processes”, says Thomas. European Energy implemented Agility into 22 sites in Denmark, and remaining solar parks will subsequently be implemented in 2024 besides the 2 new PtX plants. Thomas said, “the implementation has gone smoothly, we have a great relationship with our dedicated SSG team.

We originally had 6 desktops and 13 mobile licenses but have increased to 10 desktops and 18 mobile licenses. The dedicated mobile app is great and closed a gap from the previous system. We are constantly onboarding new staff to new sites, so it is great to have a mobile solution that is user friendly with a modern feel.”

It is very good to have access to the E-Learning platform, all staff complete initial training when they join and we find the monthly webinar sessions beneficial for further training.

“We are still in the process of importing our parts into Agility, but we are definitely on the right track for achieving the outcomes and goals we set out at the beginning of our journey.”

Senior Operations and Maintenance Manager, Carsten Bak, stated “we benefit from the scheduling of work orders that technicians are working from in their daily routines. We assign work orders to specific technicians in the back office, which they then receive on their mobile devices, which now allows us to accumulate the time spent on work orders, to monitor how long is being spent on tasks.

There are lots of things in Agility that we would like to progress with now that the system is up and running, including reporting and how we use the data that is being collected. We look forward to continuing this partnership with SSG Insight and with our consultant to get the best use out of the system.”


Next Steps:

European Energy are in the infancy of their Agility journey but have great plans for the future. Thomas says, “we are still the early stages of implementation and understanding the system, but we would like to use Agility across more solar and PTX sites around the world. We still need to improve in many areas, however when all modules are live, we are interested in the certifications, purchase order, and stock movement modules.

Looking even further into the future, we would like to integrate Agility with other business systems, including SCADA and a Finance System. We are enjoying working in partnership with SSG Insight, it’s great being able to make product suggestions and we are looking forward to future enhancements.”

We are looking forward to sharing more from the team at European Energy as they progress in their Agility journey over the coming years. To understand more about Agility CMMS, and how it supports the Energy and Utilities industry, please contact a member of our global team today at

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